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How To Choose The Best Data Center Colocation Facility

Every business is highly excited to choose a data center colocation facility for the immense advantages they have for their business. While there are a number of data center providers Canada to choose from, you must do some research and find the best one so that you are able to achieve the objectives you might have for your business. Here are a few tips to choose the best data center colocation facility.



Define your data center goals
Though data center colocation is a general requirement that most businesses share with each other, the typical situation of your business and the model of your business operations can demand a set of unique needs for your business. Before considering server hosting, it is therefore important to specify your goals and objectives for the mission. If this is not done, it is easy to spend more than what you actually need to. You will end up paying for services that you will never use. Talk to a few companies and see what they have go to offer. You must be able to compare between them so easily and choose the best one.


Make sure the infrastructure of the data center meets your needs
For those businesses that are set on certain types of hardware and software, you must keep in mind that the data center you choose must be able to support you with your specific needs. Older data centers might not be able to meet your requirements. Some might demand more costs for your typical needs. Unless you do a thorough research, you will not be able to reap the advantages of a data center colocation facility.


Location is the most important criteria
If a data center is located in more than one place, it can also provide disaster recovery as add on free service. It is important to go for a data center that is located close by. His is advisable even if you have plans to use the colocation facility as your will use a secondary site. This will make it easy for your IT staff to access the facility with ease. You must not overlook the importance of choosing a nearby facility unless you are considering to outsource all of your IT needs combined with managed services.


Choose the data center only after a proper research and considering the merits of the data center from several angles. This can let you get the best out of the data center colocation plan.

The Characteristics Of A Top-Performing Colocation Provider

Most businesses are today searching for the right colocation services as a viable alternative to expanding their in-house data centers. This can be a very significant move in furthering your capabilities to handle data more efficiently and also give room for the arising requirements while scaling up the operations. Choosing the right data center for your data colocation needs must happen after a thorough research since you must end up choosing the best company that can give you a great service and the best value for your money. Here are a few good characteristics of a top performing Canadian data center providers.



Investing in emerging technologies
Some data centers are slow to change or update their infrastructure and processes in pace with the advancing technology around. The IT industry is today facing new demands. Especially the Internet of Things is bringing new requirements and functionalities to be achieved. You must choose the data center that has the required power density to address all of these demands and also the possible ones that might arise eventually.


Meeting compliance regulations
It is important to check out the data center’s certification with the right agencies so that you can determine how good is their infrastructure, uptime, performance, operational efficiency and other aspects you will need to worry about. The classification system put in place by some good and accomplished certifying agencies can give a hint on how well the data center can meet your expectations. When you compare data centers based on these scores, you can choose the right one that stands out from the rest.


Addressing environmental issues
In addition to capacity, every data center must today invest in energy efficient practices that can effectively meet the governmental regulations. This approach can help the data centers do their bit for the environment, avoid their carbon footprint and also keep the overall investment and operational costs as low as possible for sustainability.


Redundancy of network carrier
The best data colocation services must be carrier neutral. This can enable you use a variety of network carriers that can provide you the required connectivity. This can help reduce redundancy and also make it possible to negotiate for the most competitive pricing you can hope to get.


Secure location
Besides the measures put in place to avoid cyber-attacks, a good data colocation center must also be located in a secure place. Being located in an area that is not vulnerable to natural disasters is a desirable criteria you must look in the data centers you will choose. Also, make sure the data center has implemented strict security measures like security cameras and access panels for the security staff.